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Visitors generally: Visitation continues to be by appointment and is encouraged.

PPE: All visitors including compassionate caregivers are to provide their own PPE. This is not a change and may include gown and gloves for indoor visits.

State of Florida Emergency Order Dem 20-011: Specific requirements include: appointments required, wearing of face masks, proper hand hygiene, screening, visitor logs, adherence to social distancing (in most cases), limits on location being either outdoor or (generally) “in a room not accessible by other residents”.

Dockside/ Creekside differences: The physical design of Creekside as a practical matter will ordinarily make room visits unavailable by the state mandate. Both Cityside and Countryside function as small group home environments with private bedrooms, whereas Dockside - more like an apartment hotel in physical design— has private apartments. Hence, indoor visitation at Creekside would be limited to Creekside commons given the bolded state requirement above.

Indoor/outdoor visits: Different protocols apply. Visitation on the screened porches is considered an outdoor visit. State mandates require enforcement of social distancing which would be impossible to observe and enforce over the entire 14 acre campus setting. Porch visits provide an outdoor visit solution that includes rain protection.

Vaccination differences: Staff and residents at Anthem Lakes were offered vaccination. Not all were vaccinated, and incoming new residents may not have been vaccinated. Infection control remains an essential priority and consideration.

Visitor vaccination: Visitors who have received vaccination can be afforded increased access provided that a copy of the vaccination record is provided to Anthem Lakes.

Visitor categories: The two primary categories are (a) general and (b) compassionate.

Compassionate caregivers: Provide emotional support to help a resident deal with a difficult transition or loss, upsetting event, or end-of-life and may (provided that appropriate PPE measures are observed) visit a quarantined resident. No more than two per resident and no more than one at a time except for end of life circumstances. Pursuant to the Emergency Order, compassionate caregivers “may be allowed entry into facilities on a limited basis for these specific purposes”.

State mandated requirements for compassionate caregivers include:

  1. Quoting: “wear a surgical mask and other PPE as appropriate”.
  2. Quoting: “participate in training” concerning infection prevention.
  3. Compliance generally with screening entry requirements for regular visitors.
  4. Quoting : “Maintain social distance with staff and other residents of six feet and limit movement in the facility”.
  5. Quoting: “provide care or visits in the resident’s room or in facility-designated areas within the building”.

Anthem Lakes to comply with #2 above requires of compassionate caregivers:

  1. Certificate of completion for five of the free CDC training modules available on line for self study to satisfy the state mandate for infection control training. The website is :

The title is “Nursing Home Infection Preventionist Training Course”. There are 23 self study courses. It is not necessary to take all 23. The required courses are modules one, six a, six b, seven, and nine. An example of the covered topics is module 7 being a 45 minute course titled “hand hygiene”.


Categories for visits in different cases during permitted visiting hours:

Visits in Dockside apartments: Permitted provided that the visitor has proof of vaccination and completion certificates for the CDC courses in #6 above. Given the social distancing mandate from the state, indoor visits in other parts of Dockside would be by exception only. Staff should accompany apartments visitors to and from the apartment being visited.

Visits at the Dockside screened porch: Permitted, replacing ‘screen visits’, and would be classified as an outdoor visit. Note that the state would still require masking and social distancing.

Visits in Creekside apartments: generally not permitted under the present state requirements since access could only be through common areas accessible by and routinely used by other Creekside residents. Limited exceptions apply for compassionate caregivers.

Visits in Creekside commons: Permitted provided that the visitor has proof of vaccination and completion certificates for the CDC courses in #7 above. It provides a comfortable indoor setting with staff in near proximity. It is also the usual setting for visits by compassionate caregivers.

Visits at the Creekside screened porch: Same as if at Dockside screened porch.

Travel off campus: Presently, subject to unchanged state mandated quarantine requirements on return. We hope the state should change this soon. For example, a resident who has been vaccinated and has a ‘fun’ excursion off campus would not seem to be at risk and 2019 policies would be appropriate without any quarantine following return, though the state order provides no such leniency presently.

Supplemental guidance: Non-compliance with policies may result in the loss of visitor privileges. Masking and social distancing remain state mandates at present.

If requesting compassionate caregiver status, please sign below to confirm agreement to comply with compassionate caregiver requirements.

Signature __________________________________ Date ____________________

Click here to Print PDF of Anthem Lakes POLICY ON VISITATION

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