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For appointments call Creekside reception : 904-746-7222

Welcome! We know visitation is important, and have designed policies and procedures intended to : (a) comply with the present Emergency Order 20-011, and (b) provide the opportunity for all residents to have not less than weekly visits. Visits may be scheduled by either residents and/or their family members and guests. 

What follows is for general visitors, not for essential caregivers or compassionate caregivers, for whom additional provisions apply. Items applicable for general visitors to both Dockside and Creekside are provided first, followed by additional detail separately for each of Dockside and Creekside. General visitors (per state mandate):

  1. Must wear a face mask and perform hand hygiene, and must maintain social distancing.
  2. Must sign a consent form, be screened, and visit by appointment only.
  3. Must be limited on length of visits, days, hours, and number of visits.
  4. indoor visits are suspended if any staff member or resident has tested positive for COVID- 19. This restriction does not apply to porch visits which are now defined as being outdoor visits.

Requirements specific to Anthem Lakes to implement the requirements of the emergency order include:

  1. given the continuing requirement for social distancing, no more than two persons should visit at the same time. There is no age restriction on visitors.
  2. Appointments for Dockside visitors are also scheduled at Creekside reception.
  3. Packages and other deliveries will continue to be delivered to building on for the customary hold (without refrigeration) for next day delivery to Dockside and Creekside.
  4. Visitation days are Tuesday through Sunday.
  5. Visits will be available on one hour intervals with a maximum visit time of 40 minutes to allow for cleaning between visits. Visitation must end no later than 40 minutes after the scheduled starting time. Late arrival will not extend the visitation time.
  6. Appointment slots are: 9 am, 10 am, 11 am, 12 am, 1 pm, 2 pm, 3 pm, 4 pm.
  7. A maximum of three visits per week is permitted. However, additional visits after the first weekly visit are only available on a space available basis and may not be reserved prior to completion of the immediately prior visit.
  8. Visitation slots for the initial weekly visit can be reserved up to a maximum of seven days in advance. Reservations are not accepted on Mondays.
  9. Visitors are not required to have evidence of a Covid test current within two weeks of the visit.HOWEVER, visitors may be required to submit to facility provided Covid 19 testing.
  10. Visitors are not required to provide evidence of liability insurance coverage. However, coverage for acts or alleged acts may not be covered for visitors under the general and professional liability coverages that protect Anthem Lakes.
  11. Non-compliance with policies may result in the loss of visitor privileges.
  12. Check-in for both Creekside and Dockside will be at the Creekside reception desk, which is physically separate from all resident areas, Creekside reception will oversee the entry requirements, temperature check, standard entry questionnaire, signing the COVID VISITOR AND WAIVER AGREEMENT, and receiving a copy of this policy statement.


  1. persons desiring to schedule a visit may make appointments directly by phone with the Creekside receptionist. Creekside visitors may be limited to designated persons only.
  2. Creekside residents will be indoors, in a secure area past the reception area physically isolated from resident spaces and from the reception area, with visitors on the screened porch, the screen between allowing interaction without touching.
  3. Only one family visit during any single time slot (different than Dockside).
  4. Creekside reception will (if needed) remind visitors of the 40 minute time limit and will provide disinfection between visits.


  1. Dockside reception will not be responsible for booking appointments for visitors and family members. Appointments for both buildings are scheduled by Creekside reception.
  2. Two unrelated visits may be concurrent in a time slot, at opposite ends of the screened porch, to provide sufficient slots for all residents to have a weekly visit.
  3. Dockside residents will remain inside the conditioned space in the building, with visitors on the screened porch, the screen between allowing interaction without touching.
  4. Visitors once cleared at Creekside reception will proceed outside the building to the screened porch at Dockside, not traveling through either Creekside or Dockside. (It is easiest to park at the far north end of the property and walk on the outside of the northernmost wing.)
  5. Visitors are reminded that residents are responsible for their own actions and also the acts of their guests. The resident agreement also provides that Anthem Lakes may exclude any visitor or caregiver who poses an unreasonable risk to others or who violates the policies and procedures of Anthem Lakes.
  6. Dockside reception will (if needed) remind visitors of the 40 minute time limit and will provide disinfection between visits.

  7. Resident and staff safety remain paramount priorities AND OUR COMPLIANCE WITH STATE MANDATES IS NOT OPTIONAL. Anthem Lakes welcomes approved visitation and looks forward over time to additional loosening of the mandated state requirements.

    Click here to Print PDF of Anthem Lakes POLICY ON VISITATION

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