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Visitation Policy

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Is visitation encouraged?

Yes! Being able to spend time with loved ones is important for our residents, for their families, and their friends.

Does the State of Florida or the Federal government provide either guidance or constraints?

Yes, though generally these are no longer overly restrictive with just a few exceptions.

Will different communities have somewhat differing policies?

Yes, though given the campus setting of Anthem Lakes and the physical design of the buildings generally visitation can likely be more accommodating here.

Our policy takes as the required starting points (a) the CDC site for long term care setting, which has not been updated from November 2021, and (b) Florida CMS published visitation guidelines reference QSO-20-39-NH, and (c) the recently passed Florida law under chapter 2022-34 titled “No Patient Left Alone Act”.

Are there different types of visits?

Yes, essentially five types here at Anthem Lakes, these being:

  1. Visits inside the resident apartment
  2. Visits inside resident common areas
  3. Visits in outdoor but sheltered common areas like screened porches
  4. which are considered outdoor visits
  5. Visits outdoor on campus
  6. Visits which include travel off campus by residents.

Generally, the primary constraint presently is on (b), with lingering in areas used by other residents not appropriate to maintain the best degree of privacy and infection control.

Primary requirements of the Florida state law and the corresponding Anthem Lakes policies follow:

  1. Infection control policies for visitors: Screening will occur at the reception desks prior to beginning an inside visit.
  2. Personal protective equipment for visitors: Face masks are required when inside unless in a resident apartment and are encouraged there as well.
  3. Permissible lengths of visits: No limit on outdoor visits including off campus visits; generally, a two-hour limit inside absent special circumstances.
  4. Number of visitors: No limit on outdoor visits; generally, a three-person limit inside absent special circumstances.
  5. Designations of a person responsible for overseeing visitation compliance: The Executive Director, or persons whom the Executive Director designates.
  6. Designations of an “essential caregiver”: Residents may designate such a person and the law mandates a minimum permitted time for visits of two hours (which can be daily).
  7. Visitors cannot be compelled to show or provide proof of vaccination or immunization status.
  8. Consensual physical contact is allowed between a resident and a visitor.
  9. Additional In person visitation: Is allowed (with resident approval) in certain special circumstances including end of life: additional restrictions may apply case by case for quarantined residents for infection control best practices which will include face masks and PPE.

    Prior guidance from ACHA and CMS, combined with best practice protocols: The following additional guidelines will apply:

  10. Visitors disregarding these visitation guidelines may be denied entry.
  11. Residents returning from off campus visits may be screened and if showing symptoms may be quarantined. Visitation with quarantined residents will be limited to special circumstances as provided under state law.
  12. Prior approvals may be requested: to utilize interior common areas (such as the private dining room for a resident birthday) for visits which may include more than three visitors.

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